Dr. V.K.Vijayan

About Dr. V.K.Vijayan
About Dr. V.K.Vijayan
He was Professor of Chest Medicine with great vision.
He was former Director of V.P.Chest institute, Delhi and former Advisor to Director General, ICMR and National Institute for research In environmental Health Bhopal.
He was international Governor and International Regent of ACCP.
He was the editor in chief and publisher of Indian Journol Of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences and Editor of Lung India.
He held 4 th National conference Broncocon 1998 in Chennai.
Awarded Fellowship of IAB in Feb. 2003
Appreciation Award given in 2005 for M. Santosham Oration in Broncocon 2005.
President of IAB in 2006.
He was given Dr. Shirish Shah's Life Time Achievement Award in Broncocon 2017 at Vellore.
Also served as a Hon. advisor, Patron of IAB
He has over 300 publications to his credit in various National and international Journols.
Dr. V. K. Vijayan was a soft spoken down to earth gentleman who touched heart of many colleagues.
His untimely passing is a great shock and loss to medical fraternity.