A Forum for Interventional Pulmonology


The goal of the association is to teach Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology in the evaluation and management of pulmonary diseases.


Promoting Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology as the state of the art management of pulmonary diseases.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Indian Association for Bronchology was formed in 1995 and is our country’s premier scientific society that sets the highest standards in academic excellence and clinical research in the fields of Bronchology and interventional Pulmonology.

Interventional pulmonology with minimally invasive endoscopic procedures have revolutionized the management of various pulmonary conditions. There is an exponential growth in this field with wide availability of services for endobronchial ultrasound, medical pleuroscopy, airway dilation with balloon and stenting, bronchoscopic lung cryobiopsy and airway tumor ablation by hot and cold techniques.

Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction, bronchial thermoplasty and Tunnelled pleural catheter placement are becoming more popular. New ultrathin bronchoscope with virtual navigation and new imaging technologies like confocal laser scanning microscope enable us to reach individual airway cells and study their structure and in vivo pathology.

With Indian pulmonologists making huge advancements in this fast-growing field, our association is making rapid strides The academic contributions from our members is being regarded widely across the world. We are certainly proud to be a part of this dynamic association which is certainly a key opinion leader for Indians bronchologists, and I am certain that the knowledge and expertise of our members will contribute to the management of respiratory diseases such as ILD, Lung Ca, Tuberculosis, empyema, emphysema and asthma.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all members of the governing council especially to our honorary secretary Dr Prashant Chhajed and honorary Treasurer Dr Amita Nene for their relentless hard work for IAB. During this most awaited Silver Jubilee year of IAB, I hope we will meet cheerfully after Covid 19 Pandemonium.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. A. K. Abdul Khader
President IAB